How to Do Keyword Research for Your Ecommerce Website: A Comprehensive Guide

In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, success hinges on your ability to effectively reach and engage with your target audience. One of the fundamental strategies to achieve this is conducting thorough keyword research. By understanding the terms your potential customers are using to find the products like yours, you can optimize your content, attract organic … Read more

Mastering Canonical Issue: Fix Content Duplicate Problems

Fix canonical tag issues

What is Canonical Tag The link rel=canonical tag is helpful in telling the search engine that, “Hey, the page you’re crawling has a preferred version which is mentioned as the canonical link, it is the original copy of this page” It is useful in preventing the search engine from pass the credit to duplicate page … Read more

How to Fix Sitemap Couldn’t Fetch and other Common Google Search Console Sitemap Errors

How to Fix Sitemap Couldn’t Fetch

Sitemaps are useful to tell the search engines what are important pages available on the website for the search engines to crawl. Not every website need a sitemap. If your website is small and has less than 100 URLs, then it is not necessary to create and manage the sitemap. By interlinking the important links … Read more